The names Cameron, a paraplegic, 23, and a fan of many things. Most of which you will see in the blog.

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i won’t lie

i am in fact an “attention whore”

i need to feel like i actually matter to people

i need to feel like i’m not a totally horrible person

i need to feel like there are people who love me

because i’m certainly not gonna do it myself

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7 Deadly Sins Wine Glasses by Kacper Hamilton

Available for purchase at gnr8. Celebrate the sinful life with sweet, glorious libations. Hey, I dont recall getting shit-faced ever being a sin.

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I approve of this glassware porn!

Fill mine with vodka.






comic about how I’ve been feeling recently

If any of my followers are feeling like this, message me. We can talk :)

hello friends this is a symptom of depression.

This is so on point

A dangerous thing change is…..I feel sorry for the people who see themselfs as what they are today and can say “What have I become?” There is no future or happiness for people like me. One thing awaits us all and sadly come quicker to some then most.

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